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Sellsword is a 'living' miniatures battle system.

Almost everything you need to play is available on this website, including rules, stat cards, scenarios, maps, play articles and cards. Everything, except the miniatures, which you provide.

Simple concept. Light, but comprehensive, rules. Great game.
Welcome to our community. Welcome to the Company of Swords.


Posted On Tuesday Nov 12 2013 by DGS
Beware, weary traveller, of the Bleakwood.  Once, this great woodland was the Kenwood, and flowed uninterrupted into the southern flank of the great Elven forests of the Oakvale.  Just as the Oakvale,...........
Posted On Tuesday Aug 27 2013 by dgs
GenCon 2014Well, there we were at GenCon, wondering if anyone would show up...........
Posted On Wednesday Aug 21 2013 by dgs
Another Gencon has come and gone.  Attendance at the Sellsword events ...........
Posted On Thursday Aug 01 2013 by DGS
In the Sellsword mythos, the different factions represent groups of individ...........

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